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The Economist (Online, Android, iphone and Ipad Version)

The Economist (Online, Android, iphone and Ipad Version)

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The Economist is a weekly news and business publication written for top business decision-makers and opinion leaders who need a wide range of information and views on world events. It explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, finance, current affairs, science and technology. Regular editorial departments include American Survey, Asia, Europe, International, Business, Finance, Science and Technology, and the Arts. In additions, The Economist also publishes special monthly editorial surveys that focus on industries, markets or countries.

Articles in The Economist are not signed, but they are not all the work of the editor alone. Initially, the paper was written largely in London, with reports from merchants abroad. Over the years, these gave way to stringers who sent their stories by sea or air mail, and then by telex and cable. Nowadays, in addition to a worldwide network of stringers, the paper has about 20 staff correspondents abroad. Contributors have ranged from Kim Philby, who spied for the Soviet Union, to H.H. Asquith, the paper's chief leader writer before he became Britain's prime minister, Garret FitzGerald, who became Ireland's, and Luigi Einaudi, president of Italy from 1948 to 1955. Even the most illustrious of its staff, however, write anonymously: only special reports, the longish supplements published about 20 times a year on various issues or countries, are signed. In May 2001, a redesign introduced more navigational information for readers and full colour on all editorial pages.


《經濟學人》(The Economist)是知名的英國財經周刊,專門報導全球時事和商業活動,內容包括國際新聞、各地政治、環球商業經濟、科技發展、科學新知和文化藝術等,提供具前瞻性的時局預測和精闢透徹的分析評論,是全球不少政商界領袖每周必看的刊物。


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